Eco-sustainable packaging
In order to lower the ever growing national and global plastic consumption, Plastochimica has been for years producing its bottles out of PEHD-PCR coming both from general and industrial recycling, thus lowering the amount of new plastic introduced in the production cycle.

Apart from reusing scrap plastic out of our production, we use recycled plastic coming from the separation of wasted bottles and packaging after their use.

Recycled plastic made packaging delivers performances matching those of traditionally sourced plastics, both in color and technical specifications, while lowering the environmental impact.

Why choosing to use recycled plastics?
• It contributes to bring down CO2 emissions;

• Lowers the usage, and therefore consumption, of fossil resources;

• Thanks to its potential to be further recycled through waste sorting, it gives an additional opportunity for product disposal, allowing a reduction in waste volumes.


Disposal and recycling

All our products are made out of HDPE, both from raw and recycled sources.
They can therefore be disposed of through normal waste separation.
We always remind not to spread empty containers in the environment, and to use the most suitable ways of disposal instead.

Disposal and recycling

Packaging and environmental footprint

For the packaging of its products, Plastochimica has been for some time using low impact packing like recycled plastic bags and recycled cardboard boxes.
In order to further lower our environmental footprint, we only use energy coming out of renewable sources through certified suppliers.

Packaging and environmental footprint
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