Who we are

Who we are

Plastochimica was established at the end of the 1950s by Primo Rovida, born 1923, an intuitive entrepreneur who placed the innovating manufacturing of blow molded plastic alongside his earliest production of industrial detergents.

Over the following years, that new project would become the firm's core business, thus allowing Plastochimica to grow and strengthen its base of renowned customers, particularly in the automotive industry, and in the manufacturing of technical parts.

Its artisanal and therefore flexible physiognomy allowed the firm to evolve and thrive on an ever more competitive and complex market. Today, Plastochimica satisfies many costumers and various productive realities with its quality products, both in Italy and abroad.
Intuition and innovation, with particular attention to the environment, keep on being present in the firm's management.

Plastochimica is today led by Primo Rovida's nephews Marco and Alberto Iviglia, sons of Lauretta Rovida.
Its third generation adds to the conventional production cycle an eco-friendly one, through the use of recycled plastic.

Types of containers

ONU/ADR approved jerri cans

Containers from 50 to 500 ml

Containers from 750 to 5 litre

Blown and polypropylene jars

ONU/ADR approved drums

Polypropylene buckets

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