Primochem Bio Elimina odori

Eco-compatible liquid,
specially designed to neutralise
all unpleasant odours.

Suitable for use in any professional or domestic environment. Abates the exhalations from organic reactions, fumes, animal smells, etc. Product with NEUTRAL pH.


PRIMOCHEM BIO ELIMINA ODORI: vegetal extract solution in aqueous base whose components are not rated as toxic substances. This neutral pH preparation has been specially studied to neutralise and get rid of bad smells caused by organic secretions, fumes, animals, bacterial colonies.
It also eliminates persistent odours in the food sector (aromas-essences). Coadjutant in the sanitisation of environments. Since it is not viscous, it may be used in all types of automated systems and circuits, without any risk of clogging the pumps. Its areas of application include: agriculture, stock farming (sanitisation of stables, troughs, milking facilities), warehouses, production lines, all types of vehicle. It may also be used in landfills, or to neutralise the odours emitted by: garbage bins (organic and inorganic waste), sewer networks, effluent treatment systems.