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In the late 1950s, having acquired extensive experience in the production of detergents, Primo Rovida, the founder of PlastoChimica, decided to flank this activity with the manufacture of plastic containers. Initially, the new line of work was prompted by the need to meet the company’s detergent packaging needs; later on, spurred by his enthusiasm for the fast-evolving technologies that appeared on the market, Rovida decided to focus more and more on blown plastic production.

The company has always been managed by the Rovida family and has retained its artisan-like quality. Since the 1980s it had been headed by Gianni and Lauretta, the son and daughter of the founder, who are carrying on with wholehearted commitment the activities undertaken by Primo Rovida.

From 2017 the third generation of the family becomes part of the business: Marco, Lauretta's son who will support his mother in managing the company.

Today the company is located in the town of Val della Torre where, besides continuing the production of containers, it is also engaged in various activities in the area of plastic packaging.