Plastic containers

Shapes and colours to meet any need.

PlastoChimica produces and markets a wide range of plastic containers: Vials and Bottles from 7 ml to 2 L, Jars from 50 ml to 1 kg, Jerricans, with and without homologation, from 5 to 30 L, Homologated drums from 30 to 150 L, Polypropylene buckets and 1000 L capacity tanks.



The vegetable-based multipurpose detergent.

PRIMOCHEM BIO is a line of vegetal-based professional detergents with neutral pH, high cleaning power, suitable for any type of dirt and surface, also in environments with H.A.C.C.P. systems.


40 years experience

For over 40 years PlastoChimica has been active in the field of blown plastic container and detergent production; our long-standing experience and flexibility have enabled us to meet the most diversified customer requirements.


Products made to measure

Thanks to its technical knowhow and expert processes, PlastoChimica can produce the widest variety of plastic products, from the technical parts that are its specialty to containers of any size up to 10 L.


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